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What happens at outpatient clinic?

For most people, the main contact with the CF team will be through the outpatient department. Outpatient clinics are held on Friday afternoons in York and Wednesday afternoons in Hull.  Everybody should be seen in clinic at least every three months. It is really important to attend these appointments even if you feel well.

Face to face clinics 

On arrival in clinic you will be shown into your own clinic room, and members of the CF team will come into the room to see you there. At each clinic appointment you will get the chance to talk to the dietitian, physiotherapist, nurse specialist and doctor. They will ask you questions about your health and medical management since the last appointment, as well as taking some measurements such as weight, lung function (spirometry) and sputum samples. Appointments with a member of the social care or psychology teams can also be arranged to discuss particular issues.

Part of our standard operating procedure is to clinically clean our clinic rooms after each patient as well as to allow sufficient time space between CF patients in order to minimalize the risk of patients coming into contact with other people with CF.

Virtual clinics

We also run virtual and telephone clinics depending what investigations you require; if we think that you would benefit from face to face appointment instead of virtual or telephone appointment we will let you know. However, if you prefer to see us face to face please let us know!

In order to attend your virtual clinic you will receive Attend Anywhere link which will take you directly to your virtual space clinic appointment. If you need any help with using the software please see tips in the below link or speak to your CF team.

How to use 'Attend Anywhere'

Annual assessment 

Picture of word MOT with arrowOnce a year you will be offered a comprehensive assessment of your overall health (also called the 'MOT') which involves blood tests, an ultrasound of your liver and chest x-ray, as well as more in depth assessments with the physiotherapist and dietitian. We also take this opportunity to review your medication, and have a routine meeting with the psychologist. Every few years we will also request a bone scan to assess bone thickness, as well as more detailed breathing tests. Arrangements for all of this will be made by the specialist nurse on discussion with you.