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The Centre

Meet the team

York Hull Adult Cystic Fibrosis Team

Cystic Fibrosis Team at Clinical timeout 2022


Dr Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas

Lead Consultant

Dejene Shiferaw, CF Consultant

Dejene Shiferaw

CF Consultant

Prof Alun Morice, Deputy Centre Director

Prof Alyn Morice

Deputy Centre Director


Tracey Daniel, Advanced Clinical Specialist CF Physio

Tracey Daniels

Specialist Physiotherapist

Kath France 2 CF Specialist Physiotherapist

Kath France

Senior Physiotherapist

Katy Lee,  CF Physiotherapist

Katy Lee

CF Physiotherapist

Nicola R

Nicola Robson

CF Physiotherapist

Kirsteen Hasney - Advanced Clinical Specialist Physio

Kirsteen Hasney

Specialist Physiotherapist

Jamie Watkins- Physiotherapist

Jamie Watkins

CF Physiotherapist


Tanya Cavany, Senior Specialist CF Nurse (UNIFORM)

Tanya Cavany

Senior Specialist CF Nurse

Julie Ackerley, Specialist CF Nurse

Julie Ackerley

Specialist Nurse

Mel Robinson - Lead CF Nurse (Hull)

Melanie Robinson

CF Specialist Nurse

Debbie Ingram, CF Nurse

Debbie Ingram

CF Specialist Nurse

Jess Latchford- CF Specialist Nurse

Jess Latchford

CF Specialist Nurse

Sarah Bennett-CF Specialist Nurse

Sarah Bennett

CF Specialist Nurse


Joanna Donaldson, Senior CF Dietician

Joanna Donaldson

Senior CF Dietician

Kate Powell, CF Dietitian

Kate Powell

CF Dietician


Dimah Sweis, CF Pharmacist

Dimah Sweis

CF Pharmacist

Nicki Bush, CF Pharmacist

Nicki Bush

CF Pharmacist


Rochelle Crawford, Clinical Psychologist

Rochelle Crawford

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Emily Young - Principle Clinical Psychologist

Emily Young

Clinical Psychologist


Karolina Basan- CF Service Manager

Karolina Basan

Service Manager

Carol Jones- CF Administrator

Carol Jones

CF Administrator

Shane Hammond- Clinical Assistant

Shane Hammond

Clinical Assistant