There has been a lot of hard work from people living with cystic fibrosis, their friends family members which has bought essential equipment and helped to improve the facilities and service we offer here at York hospital.


Ann Bowley, and her neice who has CF, raised £311 by running a tea and cake day in Pickering. They plan to do further fundraising events including a quiz later in the year.


Charitable Trust Fund money enabled the refurbishment of the CF side-rooms on ward 34. As well as painting and decorating, new windows were fitted, flat-screen TVs installed, new furnature supplied, wet rooms built, and free wi-fi installed so that you can use your mobiles, tablets and laptops to stay in touch.

Right: In-patient facilities modernised with money from charitable trust funds 


The Miss York competition 2011 donated profits to ward 34 to improve the cystic fibrosis services available on the ward. This was done in memory of Emma Young, a previous Miss York finalist, who was cared for by the team in York. They raised an amazing £3842 which will be used for equipment in the new side rooms on ward 34. Buying this equipment will really help the ongoing care of other people with cystic fibrosis by the team here at York Hospital.

Emma's friends and family themselves have donated over £2500 from fundraising projects, which paid for the new cough assist machine which helps people clear their lungs of infection.

They continue to organise fundraising events and through a band night in the Black Swan in Pickering, have raised £680 that will pay for wall mounted televisions and DVD players in the side rooms, so people can have access to free entertainment during their ward stay.

The team at Miss Scarborough also raised over £1000 - an amazing total which also paid for the cough assist machine.

The friends and family of Richard Henshaw raised money which will be used to brighten the new side rooms with artwork and murals to make them a more interesting place to be.

Ron Middlemass works tirelessly to raise funds for the respiratory unit, and his work recently paid for a dynamap machine which will be used exclusively in the side rooms to minimise transfer of infection.

The creation of this website was supported by an educational grant from Novartis.

We cannot thank everyone involved all these and other projects enough for all their time and commitment.

Right now across the UK, there are around 6,500 people in need of an organ transplant, including around 150 children and teenagers. On average three people die every day in need of an organ transplant because there just aren’t enough organ donors.

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We are always amazed and extremely grateful when people go out of their way to raise money for cystic fibrosis services. Some people are motivated by a family member or friend living with CF, and some people have heard about the disease in the press and offer to help.

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