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Rebecca Thomas

Lead Consultant

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Prof Alun Morice, Deputy Centre Director - new

Prof Alyn Morice

Deputy Centre Director

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Dejene Shiferaw, CF Consultant

Dejene Shiferaw

CF Consultant


Rachel Miller

Respiratory Consultant

Tracey Daniel, Advanced Clinical Specialist CF Physio

Tracey Daniels

CF Clinical Lead

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Kath France, Senior Physiotherapist 2

Kath France

Senior Physiotherapist

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Kirsteen Hasney - Advanced Clinical Specialist Physio

Kirsteen Hasney

Specialist Physiotherapist

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Tanya Cavany, Senior Specialist CF Nurse

Tanya Cavany

CF Clinical Lead

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Julie Ackerley, Specialist CF Nurse

Julie Ackerley

Specialist Nurse

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Melanie Robinson, CF Nurse

Melanie Robinson

CF Nurse

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Debbie Ingram, CF Nurse

Debbie Ingram

CF Nurse

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Rebecca Howells, Specialist CF Nurse

Rebecca Howells

Specialist CF Nurse

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Joanna Donaldson, Senior CF Dietician

Joanna Donaldson-Smith

Specialist CF Dietitian

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Kate Powell, CF Dietitian

Kate Powell

Senior CF Dietitian

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Dimah Sweis, CF Pharmacist

Dimah Sweis

CF Pharmacist

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Nicki Bush, CF Pharmacist

Nicki Bush

CF Pharmacist

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Jessica Brown, Principle Clinical Psychologist

Jessica Brown

Principal Clinical Psychologist

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Rochelle Crawford, Clinical Psychologist

Rochelle Crawford

Clinical Psychologist


Ian Leonard

Support Time Recovery Worker (Social Support)

Katy Lee, Research CF Physiotherapist

Katy Lee

Research CF Physiotherapist

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Nicola Robson

Nicola Robson

Research and Paediatric CF Physiotherapist

Sonia Sharpe, Administrator

Sonia Sharpe


Amy Scott, Medical Secretary

Amy Scott

Medical Secretary


Michelle Ferguson

CF Centre Project Manager

Right now across the UK, there are around 6,500 people in need of an organ transplant, including around 150 children and teenagers. On average three people die every day in need of an organ transplant because there just aren’t enough organ donors.

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We are always amazed and extremely grateful when people go out of their way to raise money for cystic fibrosis services. Some people are motivated by a family member or friend living with CF, and some people have heard about the disease in the press and offer to help.

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